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Construction Sites

Management of execution & supervision

  • Coordination, instruction, regular professional, architectural, and engineering supervision during implementation of the construction work - both at the site and at work and production locations prior to bringing to the site - all in accordance with the instructions and plans of the building contract and the client's instructions.

  • Following up and maintaining the progress of the construction work in accordance with the building contracts, and reporting immediately on any deviations from the timetable of the building contracts, including an explanation of the deviation and recommendations regarding the steps to be taken.

  • Maintaining and following up the budgetary framework of the building contracts throughout the period of implementation of the building work. Revising the budget in the event of deviations, and reporting on the causes of the deviation.

  • Checking the building plans and giving clarifications, explanations, or determinations with regard to errors, mistakes, contradictions, lack of clarity, lack of correlation, and so on, all as relevant. Dealing with correcting errors and solving contradictions by means of the planners, in order to prevent delays in timetables.

  • Holding regular coordination meetings with the contractors and/or with the planners and/or with the representative and/or with the client to ensure proper implementation of the building work, both professionally and in terms of the timetable of the building contract, summarizing these meetings in writing and reporting to the client.

  • Management, coordination, follow up and supervision of the integration and continuous implementation of the different building works at the site, without deviating from the timetable.

  • Inspection and approval of marking of the building work at the site, and determining the heights of parts of the building work.

  • Inspection of each plan, table of progress, timetable, supply of materials and equipment, and so on, as submitted from time to time by the contractor, and bringing them up for approval by the client together with comments, opinions, and recommendations.

  • Giving the contractor explanations in connection with the implementation of the building work in accordance with the plan and the instructions of the client, and coordination with the planners.

  • Measuring and approving the quantities of the items of the building work and/or the materials, subject to the plans and instructions of the building contracts in coordination with the contractors, and recording the measurements measured in practice, including changes in copies of the plans.

  • Checking the bills of quantities in light of measurements at the site, in field books and/or records on the implementation plans, and subject to the terms of the building contracts, agreeing on the quantities with the contractor.

  • Price analysis of the contractor's claims and submission for approval by the client.

  • Advising the client and participating in clarification of the contractor's claims or clarifying claims directly with the contractor, as decided by the client, and drawing up recommendations with regard to them.

  • Drawing up counterclaims to the contractor as needed, all for the purpose of arbitration and discussion.

  • Summarizing the claims according to the client's instructions, and drawing up amendment agreements.

  • Checking and approving the contractor's partial and/or final invoices, including checking and approving increases or decreases in the building contracts due to fluctuations in the prices of materials and the value of the work, all in accordance with the instructions of the building contract.

  • Participating in clarifications with the contractor, or holding clarifications with the contractor, as decided by the client, in connection with the client's claims against the contractor.

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