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Coordination, Planning & Management 

  • Participating in discussions to determine the characterization of the building work.

  • Site visits and examination of special site conditions, work conditions, and surroundings.

  • Carrying out preliminary investigations and clarifications in order to formulate the program, together with the planners.

  • Assisting the architects in clarifications with the qualified authorities and other entities in connection with legal and other issues involved in planning and implementation of the construction work.

  • Helping to draw up the engagements with the planners.

  • Helping to check feasibility calculations and alternatives with regard to the use of equipment and materials, initiative, and advice in all matters relating to the possibility of reducing the cost of the project.

  • Helping to draw up an economic prospectus and cash flow for the project by producing price estimates and drawing up a preliminary estimation of the project cost.

  • Helping to draw up timetables for planning the construction work and handing over the plans.

  • Helping to determine the project budget, following it up, and warning the client of any anticipated deviations.

  • Monitoring the progress of the planning work in accordance with the timetables set out in the planning contracts.

  • Regular follow-up with the planners with regard to the progress of the planning, clarification of issues and problems arising in the course of planning, carrying out engineering coordination, and checking completion on time according to the planning contracts.

  • Proposing changes and improvements to plans and implementation methods in the course of planning, in order to streamline and/or produce a saving in investment and/or in implementation time.

  • Coordination and consultation between the client and the planners with regard to the method and form of the specifications (standard and special) and bills of quantities as required by the special conditions of the construction work.

  • Helping to obtain the building permits and other permits required for the implementation of the project, and following up to ensure they are received.

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