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TurnKey Projects

Major engineering projects are complex undertakings, often involving subcontractors and suppliers, hundreds of workers, and a high budget in material, equipment & services.

Bringing these complex projects to completion requires top-notch experts with the experience and know-how to complete the job to perfection.
HDR undertakes projects from the early stages of design, planning, and development until the final completion phase. The company manages the venture as a complete turnkey solution that encompasses supply, construction, and execution of the project’s design.

HDR’s end-to-end turnkey solutions encompass: 

  • Feasibility studies, incorporating established methods, procedures, and documentation

  • Site development 

  • Management of the bidding process and negotiating contracts 

  • Construction, infrastructure, and field administration 

  • Commissioning and maintenance of operations 

  • Oversight of safety regulations 

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